Entertainment for Change™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides a platform that educates and empowers a community of young Impact Artists™, informed by the United Nations’ SDGs. We are dedicated to fostering and empowering artistic activism for the next generation. Our mission is to empower young people to build a more loving and sustainable world through creativity, expression, and artistic activism.


We want Entertainment for Change™ to be the premiere Arts & Education Non-profit organization in the United States with a strong global presence. To extend our reach and impact, we aim to offer a multi-faceted engagement strategy including Impact Artist Activations (free/donation-based classes), partnerships to bring our Impact Artist certification to life, scaling via independent community chapters, a strong social presence with positive content, original work developed under the EFC brand, and ultimately offering free or subsidized arts education to schools across America and the world.


We believe the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is an inspiring framework to mobilize young people in taking action against the global challenges we face; inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, social justice, and so much more.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals serve as a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Each of the seventeen goals is significant and necessary. The SDGs allow each individual to put their voice behind something specific while working towards a collective vision. History has proven that artists serve as a catalyst for change through authentic storytelling, civil engagement, creative collaboration, education, and cultural shifts via media/entertainment.





The class always inspired me, I spend the whole night writing now.


Everyone’s individual monologues were so different and unique. It was inspiring.


Rosie’s mom and I really enjoyed watching her work on this. She did a pretty deep dive for a seven year old! It's been so fun seeing her discover this side of her creative self, thank you all so much!”


My child has loved all of her classes, and come away completely inspired.  She’s always been creative but she’s creating music and art on another level now


My child would love to continue in class with Yael. Love what you are doing at EFC. They both for sure get being an #impactartist

William Kennedy, Senior Programme Officer, 

United Nations Office for Partnerships

“Entertainment for Change is a unique platform that is committed to raising awareness for youth around the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the power of art and entertainment. I believe that engaging with their initiatives, such as voting for an IMPACT ARTIST on their podcast AMPLIFY and dancing the #SDGGROOVE, are fun, uplifting and engaging ways to inspire positive change in the world for the next generation.”


I learned more about myself. I didn’t realize I was this creative. I want to write every day


In this specific time, This was a safe space for me without judgment. It’s good for me to meet people who understand me.


For us to be able to make art and connect now more than ever is important and fun.


This class took me out of my comfort zone, and I liked that I felt, for the first time, comfortable looking back and being able to rework without feeling bad.


This class helped me mentally. This acted as therapy for me.






Launching in January, Entertainment for Change™ is partnering with socially responsible companies to privately fund free arts education in a world where the arts are not as accessible. By offering arts education at the intersection of the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals and creativity, Entertainment for Change™ is able to educate, empower, and create WITH the next generation of  Impact Artists ™. The goal is to provide a  safe space for them to internalize feelings to externalize action and make a lasting impact!




YES AND, a sustainable fashion brand. Advocating for SDG #3: Good Health and Wellbeing, and SDGs #11-15: Responsible Production and Consumption, Climate Action, Life Below Water, and Life on Land.


We seek influencers who align with the mission of the sponsor and the SDGs of that activation, collaborating with three influencers per activation: in this case, the three we have partnered with are totaling over 500K followers amongst their three accounts.(@thedisabledhippie@khrystyana, and @_aprilkae). This will scale our activation’s reach and engage participants in the activation. Each influencer will challenge themselves to teach two creative classes within their wheelhouse, sharing authenticity and passion within an educational framework.


YES AND Activation - ‘You are what you wear'. Meaning: you wear your passions, your purpose, your clothes, your emotions, your friendships, your masks... etc. and EVERYTHING is connected. ​




A human being who uses their creative medium to make sustainable change in the world and then empower others.

Impact Artist™ identification, certification, and community is the overall vision of Entertainment for Change™.

Why do they do this? Entertainment for Change fundamentally believes that the arts provide a safe & healthy space to internalize thoughts & feelings to then externalize impact.

​​How do they do this? Entertainment for Change™ will be launching an Impact Artist™ curriculum in 2021, integrating the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals into arts education. Our program will be implemented for the first time at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, one of the largest arts sleep away camps in the world. Post-summer 2021, kids and teens (ages 12-17) will be given the guidance and resources to start their own Impact Artist™ chapter in their school or community. In preparation for this initiative, EFC is offering Impact Artist™ private coachings (ages 12-17) via Zoom with Founder, Jade Zaroff. To learn more, email them at and visit their website to sign up!




MAY 2020

A week of Instagram LIVES aligned to SDG #3 Good Health and Well Being, with the mission to empower young people during the COVID-19 outbreak. The week engaged various artists and influencers, with the intention of engaging viewers through inspiration, education, and entertainment. The week's worth of sessions offered a range of engaging content including yoga/fitness classes, live music, comedy, prioritization of our mental health through guided meditations, and profound conversations. This series was led by Award-Winning “Purpose Coach” Jay Shetty, Supermodel Eric Rutherford, the new duo-folk band Fransancisco (Koren Brothers), Comedians Marty Miller and Hannah Pilkes, ECOfashion Pioneer Marci Zaroff, Sustainable Business 4Ocean and members of the Broadway community, Desi Oakley [Waitress], Dan Deluca [Newsies], and Andrew Shade [Founder, BroadwayBlack], plus more!



The #SDGGROOVE is an original song and dance that spreads awareness about the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. If you learn all the lyrics, then you’ll know all the goals by heart! EFC activates youth, especially Gen Z, through interactive social media engagement, such as TikTok and Instagram. We do this via an original dance to add a physical element to the educational and fun experience. (IE: “Harlem Shake,” “Dab,” etc)


JULY 2020

Entertainment for Change offered a summer curriculum for kids and teens (ages 7-17) during June-July 2020. It was an unparalleled opportunity that educated youth at the intersection of the arts and activism, integrating the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the closure of summer camps and parents returning to work, the initiative prioritized a white space for kids and teens that needed support and love during COVID-19. From dance classes like “Movement Matters” to “Sustainable Cooking” to songwriting courses like “Finding Your Voice,” Entertainment for Change enabled youth to participate in safe, collaborative, and creative virtual spaces around Reducing Inequalities, Good Health & Well-Being, Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions, and more.

These classes were led by well-respected artists including Laura Osnes (Broadway’s Cinderella/Grease/Bonnie & Clyde), Christy Altomare (Broadway’s Anastasia), Sophia Anne Caruso (Broadway’s Beetlejuice), Desi Oakley (Broadway’s Waitress), Tyler McKenzie, Alexia Sky, Michael Kushner, Kolton Krouse, Yael Silver, and many others.




In partnership with BridgingTheGap's YOUNGA forum, a first-of-its-kind global youth takeover of the United Nations, Entertainment for Change (EFC) set out to empower unity and artistic action for our future via a creative competition. With an expected viewership of 25 million, students that submitted their original work had an opportunity to gain exposure, alongside celebrities taking part in the event (Julianne Hough, Pitbull, Kat Graham, Alyson Stoner, Maejor, and Jacob Pace). Our judges included Lily Cornell Silver, Marquise Vilsón Balenciaga, Zach Barack, and Benjamin Von Wong.



Diversity on our team

Female-owned. Transgender, disabled, nonbinary, Hispanic, Black, Asian team members. We value the diversity of our team. It ensures accountability in our messaging across all internal and external communications. 

What are the SDGs


17 goals set forth by the United Nations to activate the world during this  Decade of Action.

Impact Artist™ Trademark

We have trademarked and defined an Impact Artist™️ to mean a human being who uses their creative medium to create sustainable change in the world and then empower others.

How we define creativity

Bringing something into the world that did not exist before. This can be any medium of creativity from creating campaigns, to a recipe, to a song.

We are a 501(c)3

Signed, sealed, delivered (and certified!) - As Stevie Wonder would say.

Growth in the past year

In the past year, we have tripled the size of our team and DOUBLED the size of our social media following. We have created programming that has attracted 150+ students, and we secured sponsorships with one of the largest performing arts summer camps in the world. We are growing exponentially and our goal is to be global. There is no END goal, we will constantly be evolving and building relationships because we know that we are stronger and louder together!