5-week social activism workshop guided by the United Nations 17 SDGs

  • Started Jul 13
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Use your platform to promote radical acceptance/inclusivity of yourself and others, eradicate toxic positivity, and SCALE your impact! Entertainment for Change and I Weigh, two impact-focused nonprofits, have teamed up to present a hands-on workshop called #SCALEMYIMPACT. This five-week class series will engage high school students from around the world at the intersection of social media activism and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They will specifically focus on the following SDGs to showcase the intersectionality of these goals and how important radical inclusivity is. SDG #3 Good Health and Wellbeing SDG #5 Gender Equality SDG #11 Reduced Inequalities In this short span of time, GEN Z students will connect to like-minded peers, explore these global goals, learn how to direct their passions and their knowledge of social media for good, and see in REAL time the power of collaboration. The power of collaboration is in diversity of thought, and choosing for ourselves what we will use social media to accomplish. This course will teach you how to empower yourself by investing in your content. You will also learn how to collaborate with others in a healthy, uplifting way. We aim to create a global community of Impact Artists that love the skin they’re in, and want others to feel the same. To really see the power of co-creation, the last class of this series will be a Zoom party dedicated to sharing content using a hashtag that currently unused. Our students, influencer partners, and celebrity guests will go into this hashtag and interact (like, comment, share, repost) with each other's content. ** Two of our most outstanding students will leave with a six-week internship to continue amplifying the efforts of all students' submissions"

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